Studio Policy

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Studio Philosophy
~Dr. Shinichi Suzuki said, “Man is the son of his environment.” If this is true, then creating a wholesome and nurturing environment is paramount for the development of a child. As a teacher, I strive to build a music studio that focuses on musical growth and building self-confidence, as well as maintaining an atmosphere that is encouraging and enjoyable.

~In a semester, each student receives 15 weekly private lessons and 4 monthly group lessons. Daily at-home practice is modeled after the formal lesson.
Private Lessons:
Pre-Twinkle through Book 1 – 30 minute lessons
Book 2 through Book 3 – 45 minute lessons
Book 4 and above – 1 hour lessons

Group Lessons:
Pre-Twinkle through Book 1 – 5:15-5:45
Book 2 through Book 3 – 5:45-6:30
Book 4 through Book 5 – 6:15-7:00

Home Lessons:
~The lesson-attending parent supervises the daily practice and makes sure all material is covered. The format of these lessons should be as close to the weekly lessons as possible. The Suzuki repertoire should be listened to every day.

Beginning Students
~Young beginning students (ages 3-5) or Pre-Twinklers, begin with a box violin and a dowel bow. When a child has learned the basics of holding the instrument and bow and has developed a healthy respect for the actual instrument, he may begin using his own violin/viola and bow.
~A parent must attend every lesson with the child. This lesson-attending parent must also be the parent who practices with the child during home lessons. This parent will be given special instruction for teaching the child at home.
~There are several highly recommended articles and books for the lesson-attending parent to read during the first year of lessons. A list can be found on the last page of this policy.

$100.00 – Deposit, refunded after the last lesson of the winter semester in April.
$25.00 – Administrative fee which covers bookkeeping, website cost, scheduling, etc.
The lesson fee is based on a $50.00/hour rate, which includes private and group lessons.
½ hour lessons:           $475.00/semester
45 min. lessons:          $712.50/semester
1 hour lessons:            $950.00/semester
~The lesson commitment is for both fall and winter semesters. Deposits will not be refunded if lessons are dropped before the end of winter semester. Learning to play a musical instrument is a long-term project and children are most successful if lessons are consistent. No refunds will be given. (Lessons begun mid-semester will be pro-rated.)

Lesson Etiquette
~Students are expected to arrive a little early to lessons, well prepared, with all pertinent materials. Parents are to take notes and reserve all comments or questions until the end of the lesson. I will strive to diminish misbehavior, and the parent may take the child aside, away from the lesson area if needed. If your child’s mood is being affected by something outside of the lesson, please let me know so I can be more sensitive to the needs of your child.

Missed Lessons
~When a student enrolls, he/she has a reserved place in the studio for the entire year. I plan for and look forward to the lesson. If you need to miss a lesson, you may try to switch with another student. Be sure lesson times are the same length, and let me know of the switch. It’s probably easiest to just cc me on the final confirmation email.
~No reimbursement will be provided for students who miss lessons for any reason.
~Any lesson I cancel will be made up or a credit will be given.
~One make-up lesson will be offered during the semester, and it must be on a Monday between 5:15 and 6:30. Plan carefully and try not to use it.

~There will be one springtime recital in late March. All students are required to participate in this recital. The exact date is TBD.

2015-2016 Lessons
~Private lessons will be held Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Group lessons will be held on Mondays near the end of the month at the times listed above. There will be several lesson holidays. See the 2015-2016 semester schedule for all group lesson dates and holidays.

Summer Lessons
~Students must take a minimum of 7 private lessons during the summer to reserve their place in the studio the following fall/winter. I’m generally available to teach in May, June, and late August. A calendar with available lesson times will be posted on the studio website. There are no group lessons in the summer. Summer lesson fees are also based on a $50.00/hour rate.

Please keep this policy in your child’s lesson notebook for easy reference.

Parent Reading List
Nurtured by Love by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki
Ability Development from Age Zero by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki
Select articles from