The Suzuki Method

“Every child can learn!” This has become a rallying cry for Suzuki teachers, parents, and students throughout the world. It hearkens back to a time when music teachers believed it wasn’t so, and reminds the music teachers of today that it is so.  Less than a century ago, it was common practice to test a child’s musical aptitude before allowing him or her into a music program.

Studio Policy

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki said, “Man is the son of his environment.” If this is true, then creating a wholesome and nurturing environment is paramount for the development of a child. As a teacher, I strive to build a music studio that focuses on musical growth and building self-confidence, as well as maintaining an atmosphere that is encouraging and enjoyable.

Kristina Willey

Kristina Willey has been teaching music to young children for fourteen years.  She has taught viola privately at BYU, USC, and U-M, and has also taught courses of music theory and ear training at BYU and BYU-I.  Click to learn more about Kristina Willey.