Teacher, Parent, and Student Responsibilities

Each participant should do his/her best to adhere to these guidelines.

Teacher Responsibilities:
1. Begin and end each lesson on time
2. Instruct students in skills needed to be a successful musician
3. Provide graded instruction to both the student and parent
4. Give positive feedback to student’s progress
5. Answer all pertinent questions the parent or student may have
6. Allow the student to explore his own musicianship
7. Provide online materials and resources
8. Communicate with the parent
9. Encourage mutual respect among participants

Parent Responsibilities:
1. Bring students to lessons on time
2. Make sure all materials are brought
3. Have student’s hands clean and nails trimmed
4. Provide a quality instrument
5. Quietly take notes during the lesson, reserving questions for the end
6. Create a positive atmosphere for at-home practice
7. Pay tuition on time
8. Communicate with the teacher
9. Encourage mutual respect among participants

Student Responsibilities:
1. Follow teacher and parent instructions
2. Be willing to practice every day
3. Cooperate with the teacher and parent
4. Be respectful to his instrument
5. Be respectful to the teacher and parent
6. Smile!